The parakeets like the smooth, narrow wooden perch

photo of Sparty and Dodger the parakeets on a wooden perch
Sparty and Dodger
photos of Belle and Dodger the parakeets on a wooden perch
Dodger and Belle

I usually set the birds’ cage up with varied perches, with different curves and surfaces to give the parakeets a variety.  And the last I put their place together, I put a handful of different perches in as usual but in a change from normal I put in one of the simple smooth wooden perches that came with the cage.  Now it probably has something to do with the fact that it is the highest-up perch (other than a swinging one) in the cage, but all three birds seem to hang out up there a lot of the time lately.  Of course they like to hang out together, being flock animals and all, so it’s probably the sociable nature of the long narrow wooden perch but, I don’t know maybe they like the simplicity of the perch.  Of course it will probably be in there for a limited time because I read somewhere that the bumpier perches make them less likely to develop problems because their feet are in different positions through the day.