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Myna theme

Myna theme version 0.1

It’s time for an early alpha (not production server ready) release of the Myna theme for WordPress. This theme brings a very minimal style, but implements comments, shows tags and even uses the post title plus the excerpt as a meta description. Myna has Gravatar (avatar) support as well. The h1 tag moves from the blog title on the home page to the post title on a single post page. There are left and right sidebars that just disappear into space if you don’t put any widgets in them.

Myna theme is free software–it is released under the GNU GPL, version 2 or later.

The theme is named after the myna, a small bird found in Southeast Asia and Hawaii known for its distinct beak and ability to imitate sounds.

Download Myna theme version 0.1 here

Update: A new version of Myna (0.5) is available.

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