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known issues

Known issues in v0.1

  • Strikethrough does not work [maybe due to font, maybe due to CSS]
  • CSS defines hr tag as being very wide–if user has a long sidebar this can cut into sidebar on very short posts.  In addition, the width of the hr tag works in Firefox but causes the whole hr tag to be ignored in Webkit
  • li tags in series just create a compacted, unemphasized list with no line breaks. This is actually good for the sidebar because of the way WordPress formats sidebars by default (it appears). But it should be changed probably for the main content column
  • Indentation doesn’t work well in top menu
  • Static pages have dates, which I think is okay, but they also use categories, which doesn’t make much sense. A flag for post only should go around the category part of each post
  • Quotes are messed up (backquotes)
  • If you want to report a bug or issue, please send an email with as much specific information as you can gather to keet -at-

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