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Keet theme version 0.1

The Keet theme (version 0.1) for WordPress is now available for download:

download ZIP archive

or download the tarball

Keet is a sharp, flexible, free new theme framework that requires WordPress 3 or later.
While designed to have a similar layout to the new default theme (Twenty-ten) for WordPress, Keet offers some tweaks on the formula while still supporting the new features in WordPress.

Keet is free software; it is licensed under the GNU GPL, version 2 or later.

Here is a list of some of Keet’s features:
–Implements the new WordPress custom menus feature*, so the list of links below the header graphic can be user-defined.
–Eight free header graphics* to choose from, or (because of new WordPress features) submit a user-generated header graphic that you created yourself [just as in the Twenty-ten theme, except I’ve built the eight header graphics in Keet from myself and my wife’s own photographs and art].
–two-column layout–one large main column for content plus a widegetized right sidebar; in addition a narrow left side widgetized sidebar is available; when widget columns are unused they just disappear.
–Uses one of the new Google Web Fonts called Crimson Text by Sebastian Kosch for typography.
–Avoids excessive in-page navigation links and does not have a link on the author name to go to author archives.
–markup is in XHTML Transitional 1.0.
–Includes supports for Gravatars, pingbacks, and post attachments.
*–requires WordPress version 3 or later.

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