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Flightpath development ending; cms now available

I have ended development on Flightpath software.  The project is being shelved (although the code will still be available) in favor of new projects.

One of those new projects is  This free software is (like Flightpath) written in PHP.  These are some of its features:

-file uploading

-listing and viewing pages for uploaded photos and files with perma-links

-URL shortener

As you can see, already has most of the key features of Flightpath in a much lighter and more efficient package.

Download the code from the cms development blog.

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Flightpath 0.5.0.rc1

A new version of Flightpath is available for download–version 0.5.0.rc1, which is a release candidate version. (This means that this software is still being tested and developed and is not receommended for production servers.)
Flightpath is a super-lightweight web content management solution written in PHP and HTML.
download Flightpath 0.5.0.rc1 (ZIP archive)
codex page
installation instructions
known issues
Flightpath home page
how to use Flightpath
how to contribute
license info (GPL v3 or later)

features/bugfixes for 0.5.0.RC1
–renamed program files
–executed preliminary redesign on the “flightpath-home.php” page
–changed design and layout

UPDATE: Flightpath has a newer, updated version available.

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Flightpath 0.421-RC1

A new alpha version of Flightpath is now available, version 0.421-RC1. This update includes a fix for the perma-link structure and and an improved “last 10” listing on the home page. (However, in order to implement this feature I used a PHP 5 only feature–so it will not work on PHP 4. In future releases I may try to reinstate backward compatibility with PHP 4.)
You can find out more information about this release on the codex page about it.
Download: 0.421-RC1 (ZIP archive)

UPDATE: Flightpath has a newer, updated version available.

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It may be moving slowly, but development on Flightpath continues. For a while development had paused at alpha version 0.41. Recently however I’ve worked on a new version, 0.412, which has numerous bug fixes from earlier versions.

Here are some of the changes put in place in recent versions:

-fixed redundant loop that tried to read unavailable files
-localized numerous URLs to relative from absolute
-eliminated non-existent-file closing bugs
-fixed broken scans of deprecated directory

-fixed upload feature and implemented relative URL for upload directory

Many changes are planned for upcoming versions. I plan to circulate the code among a few friends for advice on how to proceed before considering a public release. While I’m working on it, I may also start building documentation for it–which I plan to post to the codex.

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