Flightpath 0.5.0.rc2

Flightpath has its newest and best version yet–0.5.0.rc2. It’s still in release candidate/beta/not production ready state, but this new version has all the old features (upload files, make short messages and bookmarks, create permalinks to those assets and browse archives)–it’s still a super-light content management system written in PHP for HTTP web servers, but it also has these new improvements:
–layout tweaks
–proper HTML 4 doctype (DTD)
–RSS 2.0 feed of last 10 uploads/messages/bookmarks

Download: Flightpath 0.5.0.rc2 (ZIP archive)

Codex page (includes installation instructions etc.)

Flightpath home page

UPDATE: Flightpath has a newer, updated version available.

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