Flightpath 0.5.0.rc1

A new version of Flightpath is available for download–version 0.5.0.rc1, which is a release candidate version. (This means that this software is still being tested and developed and is not receommended for production servers.)
Flightpath is a super-lightweight web content management solution written in PHP and HTML.
download Flightpath 0.5.0.rc1 (ZIP archive)
codex page
installation instructions
known issues
Flightpath home page
how to use Flightpath
how to contribute
license info (GPL v3 or later)

features/bugfixes for 0.5.0.RC1
–renamed program files
–executed preliminary redesign on the “flightpath-home.php” page
–changed design and layout

UPDATE: Flightpath has a newer, updated version available.

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