So what happened with that whole swine flu scare?

Well the last year was a good one financially for vaccine makers. Fear ran rampant (in the media), orders flowed in (for a vaccine not even proven to work), and then at some point a lot of people seemed to figure out this was a big waste of time and now the Walgreens on the corner advertises H1N1 shots on outdoor signs because they’re having a hard time selling them.
For a while the health authorities tried to create a rush for vaccination by saying only certain groups could get the shots and falsely claiming there was a shortage. Many of them still recommend submitting to the H1N1 vaccination, citing deaths from the disease. But since fewer people seem to be dying of H1N1 than normal seasonal flu, it’s hard to convince the non-stupid to waste their time with this scam.
I’m not a health expert, but last year’s flu panic certainly seems like it will be put up there with the great over-hyped stories of all time, stoked by a greedy medical establishment and a moronic mainstream media.

One thought on “So what happened with that whole swine flu scare?

  1. Jessica says:

    Yea, my doctor offered me an H1N1 shot when I went in for another appointment. I said, “No, thanks!”

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