Republicans need to be taken seriously again

The era of big-time dominance by the Democratic Party is over with Scott Brown’s win last night in the race for Massachusetts senator.  And it had only gotten underway in 2008 (2006 at the earliest).
Scott Brown[shirt] is a total creep–even Glenn Beck took a shot at him for the shady stuff he said about his daughters. But that makes it even scarier–if he can win, who else from the Republican side can?
What happened? It’s hard to say. Partly Barack Obama failed to live up to the promises he made to his liberal base, partly the Tea Party rebellion on the right helped stoke near-universal Republican obstructionism, which undermined the new administration’s plans.
But whatever the reasons, the Republicans are a political force once again, and it now seems that the near future might be a closely fought battle on a much more even playing field than thought likely just a few weeks ago–they might be emerging from their post-Bush hangover sooner than expected.

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