President Obama is stepping in it with the Afghanistan escalation

Why would Barack Obama and his administration want to escalate the war in Afghanistan?

Well it is true that the president spoke of Afghanistan as a worthy campaign while running for office, and he is saying the same thing now after all. But that said, he is still making a grievous mistake.

The U.S., the cowering, shrinking NATO contingent (the Canadian and British military are both tragically underfunded farces, and the other countries sending troops can hardly be thought of as having true “armies” anymore at all), and the civilians that the president over-hyped in his recent speech will never get done whatever Obama claims he can accomplish in Afghanistan–something about fighting the Taliban (i.e. hassling and killing more civilians and offering body counts to the media) to clear the way for the Afghan central government (“undermined by corruption”  under Hamid Karzai), along with the largely illiterate Afghan security forces and police–and Karzai’s drug dealer CIA asset brother. There aren’t any oil fields of note in Afghanistan, and the pipline dreams of years past don’t make much sense anymore given the seeming parmanent instability in the area. But campaign promises must be kept, bribes must be paid, and General Stanley McChrystal (he of the Pat Tillman coverup) must have his surge.

So, it’s a stupid move by Barack Obama.  Afghanistan is not going to change, and this is just an enormous waste of lives, money and resources.  At the end of the day, there are no more gains to be made by America in Afghanistan–and very few to be defended (look at the still-awful plight of women in the country despite Laura Bush’s lies about the situation).

Just don’t bother trying to go to one of those protests, it’s just a bunch of meth-head anarchists out there anyway.

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