Rahm Emanuel needs to be fired

Barack Obama has not had a good month politically, by any measure–the industry-stoked screaming mobs at “town halls” (when did these antiquated, corny theaters of the absurd ever merit attention any time in the recent past?) and the opposition to health care reform by Republicans (of course!) and “Blue Dog” Democrats (i.e. those who wish to be taken down in a primary challenge in 2010).
So it’s time to start making excuses. And here’s one that most members of the Democratic party, at least on the liberal side of things, can agree on–fire the White House chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel.
Obama can blame Emanuel for everything that went wrong in his health care reform attempt–looking weak and caving to Republicans at the earliest opportunity; pursuing grudges against the left instead of fighting against the far right; making tone deaf pronouncements that are seized on by the opposition–actually, that has been Emanuel’s exact modus operandi since at least his days in the House leadership anyway.

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