Phil Bronstein–still a moron

Few have ever heard of Phil Bronstein, but I lived in San Francisco (basically a one newspaper town) for five years and for some of that time Mr. Bronstein was the editor of the Chronicle. He ran the paper into the ground and then blamed it on the business environment for newspapers, but then so did lots of other people during the newspaper crash of the last few years. The Chronicle led the witch hunt against Barry Bonds, but then many other news outlets (and very few fans, at the end of the day) worked themselves into hysterics over Bonds’s use of substances (which by all indications were perfectly legal and unbanned at the time he used them). And in another unremarkable occurrence, Bronstein failed upward and still works for Hearst Inc. All that is par for the course in America’s “journalism” industry.
But now this goateed douche is trying to do punditry. He’s writing about…well who cares, it’s garbage, if you really want to know you can read the Media Matters blog entry on it. Suffice to say that since Hearst Inc. also runs Oprah Magazine, the Chronicle will be able to burn cash (some $50 million a year) and allow its former editors to become columnists for some time before the old rag gets tossed into the dumpster where it belongs.

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