Nancy Pelosi is a red herring in the torture debate

Of course the right-wingers are going to try to distract from the crimes of the Bush administration with any red herring that they can find. But strangely, they have settled on Nancy Pelosi–a politician not widely liked in the first place, and certainly not unexpendable for the Democratic Party. If Attornery General Eric Holder determines that prosecutions (or a special prosecutor) are warranted over the torture (“enhanced interrogation techniques”) that took place under George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, both in the military and the intelligence branches, then nothing should stop justice from being served. Even if Nancy Pelosi ends up in the dock along with John Yoo, David Addington, Dick Cheney, Jay Bybee and others.

2 thoughts on “Nancy Pelosi is a red herring in the torture debate

  1. Ross says:

    It definitely is a distraction. But even if there are no prosecutions she is in bad shape. She was toast the moment she pointed her finger at the CIA.

  2. Dan says:

    Yeah I do think it’s strange that she didn’t just stick to ripping on the Bush administration’s political/legal operation, whose misadventures offer her plenty to work with.
    But she’s never come across as too sharp to me.

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