Go Cavs!

Lebron James celebrates record

I totally have Cavs fever! I am watching Game 5 right now and Cleveland is kicking Celtic butt. Having seen LeBron James play a few times, I think they can pull this off and make it to the final game this year. He is truly amazing, so if you’ve never seen him and love to watch great ball, definitely do.

The first half ends with Cavs 46, Celtics 43. But I will skip the boring half-time reports where the sports jockeys babble about stats and shots.

A Day at Pike Place Market


A few of my coworkers and I went to Seattle this week for business, and during our lunch hour, we walked to Pike Place Market. The group was walking fast (we were hungry), so I snapped what I could without holding them up too much. I’ve picked a few of my favorites for this post, but they all link back to the Webshots album, where you can see the rest.



These are for Dan as he loves asparagus!

The lovely Kim, and the only one of the group who would let me even attempt to snap a picture of.


A video for my dad

On Wednesday morning, I was greeted with a winter wonderland! Snow was silently falling, and I wanted to show my dad the Ford Focus (his car that he gave me) covered in snow. It took Dan a good 20 minutes to scrape off all the ice and dig out the ice and snow to create a path to drive. In the video, I also mention the horrible ice storm that happened on Tuesday night–ice + snow = Welcome to Ohio!